There is such a touch

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There is such a touch of color white is the purest and most beautiful color in the world. ����Inscription He rushed to the hospital in a hurry, put on a white coat, and strode to the operating room. In front of the operating room, a thick man blocked him: "You are Director Cui? What happened? My son waited for half an hour in the operating room! Losing you is the main surgeon of this operation!" Man brows Tightening, trying to suppress anger. Director Cui��s expression was a bit stunned and his face was pale. He whispered, ��You can rest assured, we will go all out.�� Then, I rushed into the operating room. One minute, two minutes, ten minutes, two angers, half an hour passed... The clock on the wall in front of the operating room ticking away, every sound seems to strike the heart of the man Newport Cigarettes Coupons, each Every second seems to be so long. The man sometimes stood up and looked into the operating room; sometimes he paced in front of the door and went back and forth; later he squatted at the door of the operating room and held his head with both hands. For a long time, the air seemed to solidify, and it was so irritating. Come, only the ticking echoes in the still night. Director Cui is delighted and pale face. "Doctor, how is my son?" "The operation is very smooth, your son will be fine soon. I am in a hurry, I will see the voice again, and the figure of Director Cui has disappeared into the night Newport Cigarettes. The man is immersed in the son. In the joy of getting out of danger, one side secretly wondered. "It��s strange, rushing, half an hour late, and now hurried away, it��s a coincidence, nurse Xiao Zhao came: "Congratulations, your son��s surgery is very successful. After more maintenance and treatment, I think it will be cured soon!" The man thanked Xiao Zhao, and told Xiao Zhao about the doubts in his heart Marlboro Cigarettes. Suddenly, the look of Xiao Zhao��s pleasure disappeared. "This...this...what is going on?" The man became more curious. "Things are like this. This morning, Director Cui��s son actually had a car accident. In order to save your son��s life, he left everything. Now, I am going to rush to another big hospital. I don��t know how it is now. Hey... Hearing this, the man��s heart was slammed into it. He remembered the attitude he had just treated Dr. Cui, and his face was full of sorrow. It was a morning, the man��s son was lying The hospital bed. Outside the window, the sun is shining, the boy is cla
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