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This winter is a bit too much. In the morning, I opened the curtains, and the outside of the window was a fog that I couldn��t wear, and I couldn��t open the fog. But at noon Newport Cigarettes Coupons, there was a bright sunshine scattered through the branches of the phoenix tree in front of my window, casting a broken tree shadow. I opened the book and squatted on the desk to see the messy sunlight and the dark black shadows left on the books. When the sun shines on the pages of the book, the sun I smell is mixed with thick ink. Every night I put a cup of coffee on the desk, the cold light of the lamp fills the room, and the white steam rising in the air exudes a strong coffee fragrance in the air. I wrote on the test paper in the rustle, occasionally stopped listening to the sound of the rain outside the window, and then remembered the small donkey, remembering to run home with him under heavy rain. After the rain stopped, standing under the eaves to see the water stains reflecting the sun. A piece of time is like a messy time. But the light in the eyes of Xiaoyan is like the afterglow of the sunset in the evening, with furry warmth. Xiaoyan has long left the city. I always write a long, long letter to him. I am used to telling him everything in my letter. I know that he will give me the most care. But it will never be the same as before. I put the letter in the envelope and put it into the dark green mail box, let it take my joys and sorrows over the thick and high mountains, through the raging river, through the sorrowful rain, with the summer bright The wind reached the front of Xiaoyan. I arrived at Otaru, and now I live with poetry and paintings. I have a sweet sound of silk and swaying water. I feel like a beautiful landscape painting in the winter. I wear warm black wool gloves and happily look at the white pattern on the circle. . I want a bag this winter, I will put my favorite book, CD, sad doll, blue gel pen, diary and all the memories that make me feel warm in my bag, then Carrying it all the way, walking through the sand, walking through the heavy rain, walking through the hot sun, walking through the four seasons of grass and glory, walking to the flowers and the sky, in the afterglow of the setting sun, in the wreckage of the squad, constantly making a dream, in the dream I stood at the crossroads of the bustling, standing in the raging sea of ??people, standing under the flashing neon lights and squatting. I look back and see my sweet childhood. The sorrowful teenager casts a deep shadow behind me. They are memories that I will forget when I turn around. The lost years, then condensed into crystal amber, scattered somewhere and quietly distributed. When the time of the dreams woke up, the window was still black, and the light of the mobile phone flashed a faint blue light, sometimes illuminating the dark room. There was a photo of my childhood when I was a child. In the photo, I wore a white sweater and smiled at the camera with a smile Parliament Cigarettes. Behind me is a huge castle Carton Of Cigarettes, a red brick wall, the lights on the top are changing colors, all the lights illuminate the dark night, illuminating my sweet childhood. I looked at the photo, listened to the ticking of the wall clock, and then slept heavily. In the meantime, I just slept for a while, but I made a long dream. After I woke up, I realized that the time had already passed through the season. Time flies like the leaves floating in the upper reaches of the river. I only took a rushed face with me before I fell asleep. When I woke up, I found that they had drifted downstream, and I was getting farther and farther away from me. Everything looks so close, it is so far away from me, and disappears into the sky without light, disappearing into the fog of the sky and disappearing into the long winter of this season.
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