The sky is freehand

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The sky is freehand with the night, and the lines are smudged by the moonlight. The residences are mistaken and fall, overlapping and overlapping; leaning forward and looking forward, dreams like dreams. The streets are tall and short, straight and straight; the distance is far and near, and the situation is different. The Hua Deng is a little bit sparkling, and it is often shimmering; The clouds are faint, the autumn is cool, the birds sing and sing, and the love of one inch and one inch is attached. The moon is soft, the wind is light, the leaves are colorful, and there is a little bit of concern. A layer of hooded Qinghui needs to be confession, but the unforgettable look is the beauty of the night. A tender feeling will make the world more refined, like a lover, a childlike lively, beautiful, clear. There was also a whisper in the air, whispering. How many windows, outside the building of the restaurant, who is in the night, the people look at each other and deceive the endless passengers. After the thieves and rumors of the rumors, Chen Wang fought and swayed. The song is not finished, the oriental white? In a few houses, the rice, oil, salt and vinegar tea, write a few nights of Acacia? Jumping characters one by one, a kind of desperate impulse, crossing the distance of the world, close to the night, and separated from the moonlight? The crescent was lying on the treetop and slept, and the singing birds were not willing to disturb him. They also quieted down on the ground to kiss the childhood in the night. Night is the most favorite to hide and seek, and when others hide, he will sleep until dawn. Everything changed, and everything around him changed. He still went back to the night and nothing changed Newport Cigarettes. The lovely sunshine is a couple with the night, the night needs the passion of the sun, and the hormones of the sun are needed. Sunshine struggles for the night and spares all the hardships and tiredness Newport Cigarettes Coupons, just to follow the dreams of the night. The sun is falling asleep, and the dream will accompany it to the clouds and travel around. They embrace each other and tolerate each other's bad temper. The sun disappeared into the night dreams, and the night lived in the heart of the sun. Meet the morning faint, do not see and leave, join hands in the years, never give up. The night that has not changed, the insight into the past, "I hope that people will live forever, a thousand miles in total." For thousands of years? Or tens of thousands of years? The memories of the past, once sweet, seem to be different from the past Cheap Cigarettes. I can't think of it, it's too long. Forget, just remember one night, just like the thick ink that fell in the sky. You are here, you are here too. You are like a mirror, showing the face of the day, like a chip to store the memory of the day, and like a magical, gorgeous robes, to dress all the life of the world, showing luxury.
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