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Whether you will burst into tears because of a touch, whether you are happy for a long time because of a sentence, whether you are lingering because of an action. Is happiness difficult for you? In fact, it is not as difficult as you think, it is easier than anything. You can say that this is just my thoughts. It can't represent anyone. Ihen did we start, we will be alone; when will we start alone, we will be alone in one room; when will we start to cover up; when will we start Cheap Cigarettes, we will only insist on one Besides, we are "flowers in the greenhouse", we are really strong. From squatting to learning to walk, how many times have we fallen to fight; from 1+1=? We will do the second root, we have thought about how many times to give up; from the clothes to reach out to learn to cook, how many times have we tried? But we are still here, still insist, we are all working hard to grow. What is the ��family planning�� of a single shadow? We didn't understand when we were young, we didn't even know it existed. I only know that my father has a lot of brothers, and the relationship is very good. My cousin is also a lot of cousins, but my mother always says that I have to come and go, we still don't understand. When I grow up, I talk about population expansion, learn about population policy, and see family planning. I only know that I don't have a sister. This is a national need. (However, I am not, I have a sister. There are still many older brothers and sisters who hurt me. I love them and as we grow older, the mother��s saying that "less coming and going" is gradually becoming clear. The ancients said "knowing people." "I don't know what I know." Modern and popular are "brothers who slap their own knives." People and people are getting farther and farther. I understand, but I don't believe, I can't refute, I have to paint myself as a prisoner. In a small space - I am more and more like a shell, I am afraid that my heart is touched by outsiders, and I can't help it. Someone in the room is alone. We are cold-blooded after 90. Is it?? No, we have less words with our parents, experts. Scholars call this the generation gap. We can't justify it, but we can't justify it. We don't do extra work anymore. We start to spend more time on the road to the same length; we only walk from the door to the bedroom. The journey, even the head does not lift; began to habitually lock the door of the bedroom; began to dump in the diary of the password; start the home at home to go online, play games; start to go out and plug the headphones of the parents' love and turn off The transformation becomes ��߶ sent to us, we are tired and we don��t want to reply, we can��t delete it, we don��t like the shackles of our parents, we can��t accept them. We force their ideas into our minds Newport Cigarettes. Some words can Say it well, the opening is full of gunpowder. We are afraid that we can't suppress our emotions, say excessive words, hurt the heart that loves us more than our parents, so we choose to escape, but still - We hurt you. We love you, father and mother. I love and love very much. When we sing "There is only a mother in the world" in the classroom, we laugh. Weirdly laughs happily; when we sing "Father", we will Crying. I��m so sad that I can��t help but cry. What we need is not a noisy persuasion, but a simple, encouraging look. We all understand and understand your feelings. For your happy smile and satisfying look, we are tired. He fell asleep on the desk full of papers, and he still had a pen in his hand. He was sick and slept. He only woke up in the middle of the night because he had not finished his homework. And fight up again. In the quiet night, drink the milk you warm for me, think of the song "At least you", deeply vomited. Continue! This is just for you, for your sweat. White stream, hard work is not in vain. Pink ink is a modern society, it is a racing era, we have not relaxed, are fighting, every time every moment back to say: "I have a sugar bag, you and me Play, I won't take you to taste." At that time, friendship was so simple. The most embarrassing thing that the children said was "You are so annoying!" Understand... Silence, then lost the child. In high school, some people said junior high school. What will be counted at that time! The last sentence of the person is boring, and then throwing the junior high school. After reading the university, some people say that the high school classmates are the most cold, and they have never thought of making friends with you, just want to dig out. Your knowledge, take out your fragility... Silence. Then forget the high school. Develop a good identity... Silence, then delete the university in fact. The friends themselves are used. Don't listen, Friend is the enemy The enemy is a friend. You use me, I don't mind. Prove at least I still use! Some self-righteous naive people distorted the truth and threw out false remarks. When they saw more people, they became a reality. In the end, they were intriguing, intriguing, and in crisis... There was no fierce battle in the first battle. It is the heart of people who can't guess! If we want to survive, we have to wear a mask, and a smile with a fake face is calculated in the heart when it is unexpected. When is it not prepared Newport Cigarettes Coupons, it is not tired! ? tired! Really tired, still stick to it! Let's just do it! After 90, we are carrying some special coming. One person holds an umbrella, one person wipes the tears, one person is alone, one person works hard, one lives, one person insists; yes, we are not afraid of the wind with the umbrella, we are not afraid of heartbreak, we are lonely We have learned hard, we have learned to live hard, and we are still insisting on one person in our lives. Hello everyone, I am 90, I speak for myself. We are working hard for youth, persisting for our dreams, fighting for tomorrow, and advancing for success. Hello everyone, I am 90, I speak for myself. The tomorrow after tomorrow belongs to us. When tomorrow becomes today, we will stand at the highest point and let you see us different. Hello everyone, I am 90 after I speak for myself!
t's true that I don't have a high demand for it, because every bit of life is happy for me. For example: a phone call from a family member, a friend, or a family member to send you. These are the most common things in life, but that is very happy for me, and even a little guilty. Maybe you will think that I am too eager to pursue and have not made progress. Maybe I am really, how good we are, happiness is still bad, only your mouth is clear, and only you know what you should be. Don't blindly pursue anything, because it is the life of others, not suitable for your own God is fair to every life. The reason why I heard the so-called "unlucky" complained: "How can I be so bad, how can I not appear on the body!" You may also hear something like this: "When you feel that you don't have shoes to wear, At the time, there is no foot around you." I don't know what you think when you hear this sentence. You may think that "people are not like". Indeed, it is incomparable. It just tells us to make reference. It is suggested that we should go to the problem from multiple angles. Maybe You will want to hear the words "The world is not lacking in beauty, but the lack of a pair of eyes to discover beauty, happiness is very simple". Maybe this is a simple sentence for you, but have you thought about it in a deeper way, seemingly simple words. But who has really done it? Maybe you will say that people are interested.

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