n the past two days, t

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n the past two days, the rain has been going on for two days, and the temperature has plummeted a lot. The city that was originally warmed up has become cold and lonely after a few rains. Listening to the prying out of the window, I read a few slightly sad poems in the window. The whole person began to get wet like this weather. It��s just that this window doesn��t shine, how can it warm the whole body. The alleys in the city were a little clean after the rain. Walking on the road where the water was accumulated, the soles of the shoes were wet, and the mood was wet. Loneliness is becoming more and more obvious in this busy city. When someone passes by, they can't see their expressions and can't guess their mood Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Even in this torrent of rain, they can't stop them from moving forward, and busy is a cloth that covers up their loneliness. The soothing music is played in the roadside cafe Cigarettes For Sale, making the whole person a lot easier. The coffee in the cup still has residual heat. It is said that coffee is bitter. Just after adding a little sugar to the coffee, the bitterness is a lot weaker, but it just loses the original taste of coffee Marlboro Lights. I like to be alone in the rain, to make a cup of coffee for myself, to watch the busy people on the street, to guess their mood at the moment, when the coffee bitterly tastes the whole taste bud, I suddenly find that I am as busy as life. Worried about life, I can't walk out of this circle of life. This is a city, trapped in high-rises and buildings, prosperous and lonely. I am a person, drifting in this city Wholesale Cigarettes, nowhere to put my heart. Everyone is yearning for life in the city, only because the city is bustling, but several people know that the city will have loneliness and loneliness. We are a group of wanderers trapped in the city. Everyone who lives in the city wants to have a piece of his own square. Just want to have it, sometimes it is like a mountain Marlboro Cigarettes, heavy and tired. Even if you want to spur yourself from time to time, don't slow down, or you will never get there, whether it is a deep alley or a spacious avenue. Busy seems to be the rhythm of the city. Every busy person may have a direction or may be confused. In any case, the direction is consistent, and I am like a lost bird, losing all directions.

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