The blue sky is drooping. In the distanc

The blue sky is drooping. In the distance, the goshawk is a long, bleak long scorpion, and the heartbreaking heart rang through the sky. The lonely birds looked back, only their own small and lonely figures, and the bright red papers, up and down.anced at the test paper, 60 points, and put it on the table. Like a student like me, the teacher always used 60 points to get things done. I used to get used to it. The classroom is just a table, a space, and a person.llo, my name is shadow." The new table greeted me. Her eyes were watery, her nose was high, her angelic face, and her big, bright eyes filled with youthful vitality. On her test paper, it was the unreachable high score. This kind of thing never fell on my head. "I will help you explain the topic."fact, you are also a bad person. In order to make me not distracted, hold my fingers and hold them; in order to let me recite the mathematical formula that afflicts people Marlboro Menthol 100S, regardless of the image of the lady, the playground is chasing me to run; for. the exam, we love to be under the blue sky, on the green grass, or crying sadly, or happy smile; love in the moonlight, sitting together beside the big tree, sometimes counting the stars in the sky, sometimes bowing Contemplative secrets in my heart; love to sit down with the grass and talk about the joys, sorrows and sorrows of the heart; love to make a happy circle in the sun... Fortunately, I can be with youent night, there is no wind, the stars are squinting, the bamboo leaves are cold, the moonlight is cold, and a few teardrops are dripping on the hands, stinging our hearts. you really want to go, shadow?" "Yeah." She bit her lip, tears unknowingly flowed down. "Will you still come to see me?" She was silent, but her silence madenally, everything is gone. You are like this, leaving silently. In that year, I sent you a long way. From then on, there is a tearful star in the sky, always watching you in the distance. Hello everyone! The topic of my speech today is: "The motherland is in my heart." What is the greatest in your heart? I think the answer must be two words - the motherland. On October 1, 1949, the great man of history, Mao Zedong, announced to the world on the Tiananmen Gate: "The People's Republic of China was established!" The Chinese people have stood up since then!y did Premier Zhou Enlai once said: "Read for the rise of China!" Because he loves the motherland! With the return of many places Marlboro Cigarettes, China is getting stronger and stronger, because the motherland is in the hearts of all of us! There are also many songs about China: "Love China," "My Heart of China," "There is no New China without the Communist Party Marlboro Red," and "The National Anthem of the People's Republic of China"...ember 18th" Incident, the Nanjing Massacre, the Unequal Treaty... The events that have made us unforgettable have made us angry and angry! Recently, the Diaoyu Islands incident has occurred again. The Diaoyu Islands were originally a piece of land in China. Japan knows that it is still fighting for this land. Is this not self-reliance or something? We must know that China is no longer the weak and incompetent country Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. We have changed and become stronger! The teacher once said to us: "Foreign prophets say that our Chinese defeat will be defeated by our generations Newport Cigarettes." Do you believe? No, I don't believe it! As long as we study hard and grow up to be a person who is useful to the motherland and to society, we will never realize that prophecy!

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