The spring rain is falling, the friendship is li

The spring rain is falling, the friendship is like that little raindrop, it is always lost, people can't guess and can't touch it; the cool breeze blows, friendship is like the biting wind cream, stinging my bones and heart; beautiful flowers and plants The bloom is blooming, and the friendship is like the flower with sorrow. It is gradually spreading and coming to my side. At that moment, I understood that friendship was not in the beginning. It was a rainy afternoon and we quarreled.by the window and enjoyed the beautiful rain picture outside. My friend came over and asked me to go out to play Carton Of Newports. I didn't respond to her. She felt that her heart was not very comfortable, and she had a lot of resentment in her heart that wanted to be with me. I just coldly returned to her: "I don't want to go out, it's raining outside, I don't want to go out Marlboro Gold. Now is the key to learning. I can't ruin my study for a moment of fun." She is not in her heart. The taste said: "In a few days, we will graduate. Shouldn't you cherish the time we spent together? We are good friends, even if you want to study hard, I will not blame you, but you I should respect it properly. You ignore me, I care very much." "I'm sorry. I neglected your feelings, but we should reduce the time spent playing, isn't it? I know that you cherish and I aless for my friend's feelings. At this time, it was she who was making a book. She vented all her resentment to my book. She threw my book unrelentingly Newport Cigarettes Price, "�" Passing through my face, I rubbed my face and didn't know what to say. "Don't you send a book, you can't make it, you must throw it over, even throw it at me." I said a few words to her, but she said calmly, "You are a living person, why others Can you catch it, you can't take it. Are you different from others?" I, I didn't say anything, why do you always aim at me everywhere, do you have to do this to me? "Don't I have a lot of hands? When I write homework, I also specifically catch my book? You don't know why, I always feel that you are targeting me. What emotions do you have to scatter to me? I just said it myself. I am a human being, a living person. Don��t you feel pain when you throw me like this.�� I finally said what I said in my heart. At this moment, I feel my heart is It��s a pain, because our two good friends are so arguing that no one can admit their mistakes. "You don't think about it yourself Marlboro Cigarettes Price. I will go to you for no reason. It must be that you are wrong. If you can be generous and tolerant, then these things will happen later. Do you want it? We are both unhappy and you are happy. "I didn't expect that she could do this to me. The sentences are all directed at me. Isn't I still tolerant? If I am not tolerant, then we can be friends. What? As long as one of our two people said "I'm sorry," then themy eyes Marlboro Menthol 100S, and ran out of the classroom. I understand that friends should not a

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