When I met Xinyu, I was just eleven year

When I met Xinyu, I was just eleven years old. We went to school at Sihan School. She was only three months older than me, but it was my bestnyu. She is a student with excellent grades in Sihan School. She is very beautiful, her eyebrows, her big eyes, and a small cherry mouth make up her. Unlike me, I don��t study well in one day, I love to play tricks, but I also have trouble for the teacher. I am both a friend and a dead enemy. But I hated her at the time, why is she better than me? Mom and Dad often used her to educate me: "How do you learn from others? Learn more with others!" I am particularly disgusted. The teacher often said to my classmates and Xinyu: "The two of you are really different!" Indeed Marlboro Cigarettes, my grades in our class are countdown, and her grade is the first in the class. The teacher��s short words have deeply stabbed me with a young mind. However, Xinyu is trying to save me. Every day, I will spare no effort to make up for me. She always said: "You have a lot of advantages, but you didn't find out." Asked why she should help me, she said: "Because you are my best friend!" I was ate hring class Marlboro Menthol 100S. In the blink of an eye Cigarettes Cheaper, this memory will also become history. At the closing ceremony, Xinyu sang a song for me - "I still remember." I feel the power of fri me, touched my face, waved and left. When I turned back, I clearly saw something shining on h come, you wave gently, without taking the warmth between the flowers4, to use Sundays and holidays, inheritance to participate in the Olympics, English, read more extracurriccs, I always deduct points because of careless small problems, so in normal times Newport Cigarettes, it is necessary to cultivate good habits. In English learning, my reciting is not very good, so I have to listen to the tape. I didn��t get a good exam in the last semester. In this semester, I have to cherish the class for 40 minutes, because it��s hard to remember when I review it. It is useless, and it must be done by ordinary efforts. Reading in Chinese is my weakness. I have to practice more and strive to improve my grades Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. In the new semester, I have to overcome the donkeys and keep in mind the teacher's teachings: "Read the questions carefully, think about it, and then wriw to be generous, and how to modest others. At the beginning of the new semester, I can't lose at the starting line! said: "People live in hope, and if a hope is shattered or realized, there will be new hopes." We have ushered in a new starting point for the new semester. Therefore, we will show more of the sixth-grade new life we ??are welcoming in the midst of a better future!

« In fact, there are many things that can sSuffering is river water, we are all clay people »

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